About Us

My Horse Supplies Direct is Australia's #1 Online Horse Supply Store. A proudly Australian owned and run company.  
From our warehouse in Sydney, HSD distributes horse supplies both locally, across Australia, and throughout the world. Our tens of thousands of clients range widely from large Hunter Valley thoroughbred studs, to remote Kimberley cattle stations, to Olympian 3-day eventers, to endurance riders, to racehorse trainers, to junior ponyclubbers.


At HSD, we pride ourselves not only on our reasonable pricing, but on our unmatchable product range &  speed of service.  We have worked tirelessly since our inception in 2002, to build an outstanding reputation for speed & customer service which is the envy of our competitors.  We rarely advertise, and are proud to say that 90% of our business is repeat business. The bulk of our new customers are obtained either via HSD's top search engine rankings, or by positive "word of mouth" from existing happy customers. Please check out our Customer Reviews page to see some of our customer feedback.

HSD is solely an E-commerce business.  Whilst we operate from a commercial warehouse & distribution centre, we do not have a traditional "retail" shopfront.  This effective setup ensures that we provide an exceptional level of service to our mail-order customers, without the distraction of simultaneous retail "walk-in" business. 

Most of the products listed on our website are kept in stock, and those that aren't are usually within quick reach. 

All HSD products are carefully selected for quality, prior to listing on this site, with the majority being tested on staff member's horses prior to inclusion.  Our reputation depends on the quality of the products we sell, and for this reason we're very selective about our stock list.  We do not sell poor quality horse rugs & saddlery products, or unregistered veterinary medications.  

HSD's customer service staff all have a horse industry or animal health background.  

While dozens of "fly by night" equestrian E-commerce stores appear & disappear each year, HSD remains the respected market leader in mail-order horse supplies. 

Whilst the internet may seem impersonal,  don't forget that there are friendly & knowledgeable staff here to help you with your horse care needs.  

Need Help? Contact our Customer Service Team on Ph: 1300 MYHORSE (1300 6946773) 

email us - we are waiting to be of assistance.