Last minute guide to buying a Gift Voucher


If you are like me you might have left it really late to buy all your gifts.

If you want to buy a Horse Supplies Direct electronic gift voucher

  • that is emailed on the date and time you choose
  • to the person you want to give it to,

the instructions below might help.

If not for you, Merry Christmas from all of us here at MyHorse.




Step 1 - Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Gifts category on the menu bar. Click on Gift Vouchers



Step 2 - Select the amount you want to give. Click on Add to Cart.


Step 3 - On the pop up that appears click on check out now.



Step 4 - Move past the other suggestions and click continue to checkout.



Step 5 - Personalise your gift card message.


Step 6 - Decide how you want to pay. Credit Card or PayPal


Step 7 - Check your message details


Step 8 - Enter your card details and click Confirm and Process Order


Step 9 - Relax. We will send the email to the address at the time / date you nominated.

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