My Horse Care To Do List

Author: Anthony Idle   Date Posted:10 November 2015 

As a result of reading and reviewing this post you should be aware of the actions to take to help your horse handle the hot summer weather, increased pest and rain conditions. A checklist of actions to take this December to help make horse care easier.

Horse Health Care Checklist for December 2015 

It's the start of summer so here is a simple list of things to consider in caring for your horse. 
We are hoping it will be a reminder service to you making caring for your horse easier.
Please leave a comment below as to what else should we add for next month's list.


 Salt / Stock Electrolytes
 Fly Protection
 Mosquito Protection
 Tick Treatments
 Worm paste - change to warm month alternate if not already.


 Check wash summer gear
 Waterproof condition
 Water bottle

Tack Room

 Clean tack
 Condition leather
 Check stirrups order
 Check bridles for broken stitching / loose studs
 Check for perished leather

Feed Shed

 Reduce feed if applicable
 Set & Check vermin traps

Yard / Paddock

 Clean water trough
 Mow / slash
 Check / treat noxious weeds
 Check fencing for loose wires / posts
 Check gate security
 Check drainage ahead of the rains


 Check tie ups
 Check fly ribbons
 Check gates
 Check feed bin security
 Check water trough well secured
 Clean waste out


 Check float tyres
 Check floor
 Check windows
 Check for rust

Farrier / Dentist / Vet

 Farrier Trim
 Dental Check
 Any Vet requirements?
PS We know that every horse is different, living in it's own unique environment at a certain age. This is general information not specific advice for your horse.

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