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Sure, you're¶ÿsupplementing your horse's diet¶ÿwith minerals.¶ÿ¶ÿBut have you stopped¶ÿto think,¶ÿare the minerals artifically manufactured ? How well are¶ÿthey being absorbed by the horse's gut?

The colloidal minerals in Lifesprings are harvested, not manufactured.¶ÿ Colloidal minerals are reported to be up to ten times more absorbable from the gastrointestinal tract than metallic, inorganic minerals.¶ÿ

LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals for horses is a trace mineral supplement naturally derived from prehistoric plant matter.¶ÿ¶ÿ MInerals are essential nutrients for both man & animals.¶ÿ Every living cell in the body is dependent on minerals for proper function and structure.¶ÿ They are vital component of body tissues and fluids, and work in combination with enzymes, hormones, vitamins and transport substances.

Mineral Deficiencies in Horses:

"Sub-Clinical" trace mineral deficiencies are very common in domestic animals including horses.¶ÿ These deficiencies are often not recognised by horse owners and trainers, as no specific symptoms of an obvious "disease" may be seen.¶ÿ Trace mineral deficiencies are not usually detected by routine blood tests and may continue undiagnosed for many months and years, reducing the overall health and performance of your horse.

Horses with trace mineral deficiencies may show the following symptoms:

  • Dry, rough coat
  • Brittle, crumbly hooves
  • Less than optimum body condition and muscle mass
  • Muscle disorders such as "tying up"
  • Nervous, highly strung behaviour
  • Poor athletic performance
  • Recurring or prolonged viral infections
  • Reduced fertility in both mares and stallions

The mineral content of the soil has become depleted in many regions due to continual cropping and the overuse of fertilisers which only replace the major minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.¶ÿ Once the mineral content of the soil is depleted, this can in turn lead to lower mineral levels in the crops and pastures grown on these soils.

What are Colloidal Minerals?

Plants absorb metallic minerals from the soil through their roots and convert them into a "colloidal" form.¶ÿ A colloid is a gel-like microscopic particle that is in suspension in either¶ÿsolid, liquid or gas.

Plant derived colloidal minerals are water soluble and are highly absorbable from the gastrointestinal tract due to their molecular structure, minute particle size and bioelectric negative charge.¶ÿ Colloidal minerals are reported to be up to ten times more absorbable from the gastrointestinal tract compared with metallic, inorganic minerals.

LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals for Horses are derived from a unique source of prehistoric plant material mined from the site of an ancient rainforest in Central Utah, USA, which is thought to be 60 to 120 million years old.¶ÿ The importance of nutrient balance in all foods is well established.¶ÿ Therefore the minerals are selected from various segments of the deposit to ensure the broadest balance of all the essential minerals and trace elements.

The LifeSprings Formulation:

LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals for Horses is an enriched supplement which combines natural colloidal minerals with stabilised wheat germ, yeast and protein meal.¶ÿ Yeast is rich in B-complex vitamins, zinc and essential amino acids, while wheat germ is a natural source of the important antioxidant Vitamin E.¶ÿ Supplementation with LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals for Horses will ensure that your horse receives and adequate and balanced intake of trace minerals, even if natural feedstuffs are deficient.

Feeding Recommendations:

Simply add LifeSprings Colloidal Mineral for Horses to the feed each day.¶ÿ It can be added to proprietary feeds, sweet feeds, vitamin & mineral supplements or mineral supplements, as these products do not contain the extensive range of colloidal minerals exclusively available from LifeSprings.

Dose Rates:

Horses: (450 - 500kg):¶ÿ2 scoops (60g) daily
Ponies: (250 - 300kg): 1 scoop (30g) daily

Being organic, LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals are 100% natural and are safe for use in all horses including pregnant and lactating mares and foals.¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ LifeSprings does not contain any substances that will contravene the rules of racing or other equine competition.

Pack Sizes:

2kg, 6kg and 12kg.

Mineral Content:

LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals for Horses contains 61 major and trace minerals.¶ÿ Typical analysis (mg/kg):

Aluminium 650.00
Arsenic 0.51
Barium 9.36
Beryllium 0.20
Bismuth 0.03
Boron 1.81
Cadmium 1.82
Calcium 3769.5
Cerium 2.60
Cesium 0.20
Chloride 705.00
Chromium 1.04
Cobalt 0.92
Copper 8.55
Dysprosium 0.30
Erbium 0.16
Europium 0.09
Gladolinium 0.48
Gallium 0.62
Germanium 0.01
Hafnium 0.08
Iridium 0.003
Iron 2939.89
Lanthanum 1.03
Lead 2.21
Lithium 0.81
Lutetium 3.77
Magnesium 32.56
Manganese 32.56
Mercury 0.02
Molybdenum 0.16
Neodymium 1.95
Nickel 2.08
Palladium 0.10
Phosphorus 6657.5
Platinum 0.001
Potassium 6173.40
Rubidium 4.16
Samarium 0.44
Scandium 0.55
Selenium 0.10
Silicon 8.97
Silver 0.03
Sodium 1724.3
Strontium 5.46
Sulphur 4896.00
Terbium 0.06
Thallium 0.12
Thorium 1.25
Thulium 0.02
Tin 0.001
Titanium 5.98
Tungsten 0.005
Uranium 0.43
Vanadium 3.12
Yttrium 1.04
Zinc 71.68
Zirconium 1.56

12kg Lifesprings may incur additional freight charges outside of Sydney.


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