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Provides Vitamin B complex to supplement levels that are deficient in normal feeds. B Group vitamins are vital for strong muscles, good appetite and general health and vigour. B Group vitamins are also recommended for animals under stress, hard work, regular racing and travelling. They also help increase the animalƒ??s power of recovery from extreme exertion, sickness or worming treatments. Vanilla Flavoured.

Vitamin B-Complex Powder


Each kg contains

  • Thiamine Hydrochloride 12.5g
  • Riboflavine 1.25g
  • Nicotinic Acid 1g
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 20g
  • Cyanocobalamin 0.5mg
  • Calcium Gluconate 10g


B-Complex Powder provides vitamin B complex to supplement levels that are deficient in normal feeds of horses and greyhounds. B-Complex Powder contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12


500g, 3kg and 15kg


Using small end of scoop provided, 1 measure is approximately 3.5g

  • Horses: 2 to 3 measures daily in moist food
  • Dogs/Greyhounds: ¶« measure daily in food or liquid

SPECIAL FEATURES: B-group vitamins (also called B-complex vitamins) are water soluble and therefore unable to be stored by the body. For this reason, it is important to use a nutritional supplement such as Value Plus Vitamin B-Complex Powder to supplement the B-complex vitamins that are lost.

What does each B-complex vitamin do? 

Thiamine ƒ?? Vitamin B1 Thiamine is required by every cell in the body as it forms the fuel on which the body runs - adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Thiamine processes protein, carbohydrates and fat. It plays a role in metabolism, helps maintain normal appetite, digestive function and bodyweight. Thiamine is also an aid to the nervous system, as well as aiding in normal muscle function. 

Riboflavine ƒ?? Vitamin B2 Riboflavine is required for growth, energy metabolism (by processing the necessary nutrients into energy as ATP) and it plays a role in maintaining health of the skin, and the mucous membranes in the digestive tract (helps iron and B6 absorption). Riboflavine activates and supports other vitamins, including niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folate (folic acid) and vitamin K. 

Nicotinic Acid ƒ?? Vitamin B3 Nicotinic acid, also known as niacin, is required for general metabolism, growth and red cell formation. It is also essential for converting food sources into useable energy. 

Pyridoxine ƒ?? Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine plays a role in energy metabolism and the nervous systemƒ??s function. It also helps to maintain healthy skin and vision. Pyridoxine is needed for the formation of red blood cells and boosts the amount of oxygen carried by those cells. continued...

Cyanocobalamin ƒ?? Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin is an essential component for the formation of folic acid and is beneficial for the formation of red and white blood cells, as well as for general haemoglobin production. Cyanocobalamin plays a role in general metabolism and reproductive and nervous function. Cyanocobalamin also contains cobalt in its structure which helps it to synthesise in the gut of an animal. This synthesis of cyanocobalamin is greatly affected by the use of antibiotics, sickness and general stress. By using a supplement containing cyanocobalamin, this synthesis is maintained. B-complex vitamins help produce energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose. They also help maintain healthy digestive and liver function.

B-complex vitamins assist blood production and are a vital component in the breaking down of protein and fats. Although many of these B-complex vitamins can be found naturally in an animal's diet, they may still be deficient because processing, cooking and storage all damage these vitamins.

B-Complex Powder is Australian owned and made.


Store below 25¶øC (air conditioning). Protect from light. 


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